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Secondary Asbestos Exposure

Family Exposure

The most common cause of mesothelioma is direct contact with asbestos in the workplace. It is not uncommon, however, for individuals who have never worked with or around asbestos to develop asbestos-related diseases. In fact, secondary or indirect exposure to asbestos can be just as dangerous as direct routine contact.

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Representation for Secondary Asbestos Exposure in Louisiana

There are many ways to come into contact with asbestos without working directly in an asbestos-related industry. A common occurrence is for family members — particularly women and children — to come in contact with asbestos when it is brought home from work on someone’s clothes. The asbestos then becomes dislodged at home where other members of the household breathe it in. The secondhand victim is usually unaware that he or she is inhaling hazardous substance that will develop life-changing symptoms in the future.

Secondhand exposure is not limited to family members or those who live with someone who works in an industry that uses asbestos-related materials. For example, our firm has represented clients who never had “hands on” exposure to asbestos, but later developed mesothelioma or other dangerous side effects.

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