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Big TV Lawyers: Is Bigger Really Better?

Many of the out of state law firms you see advertising for mesothelioma cases on TV are big firms with dozens of lawyers and sometimes hundreds of employees. That usually means there are many mouths to feed at these big firms and the expenses of handling your case will be high — which means less money for you. It also may mean that your case will get passed between several attorneys which could slow things down and create confusion for you.

At Waddell Anderman, we do not think bigger is better. Our clients are like family to us. We care about you and your case and we will always give you the personal attention you deserve. Those big, out-of-state law firms you see advertising on television most likely won’t give your case personal attention and even worse they may not even understand Louisiana Law and the specifics of prosecuting asbestos related cases here.

If you, or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma call Cameron Waddell or Jody Anderman. They know Louisiana’s unique legal system and its related mesothelioma law and they have years of experience prosecuting mesothelioma cases in Louisiana courts.

Call Cameron and Jody today. Let them come to your house, sit in your living room, and explain to you how they can provide you the kind of comprehensive legal service you deserve.

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