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Why You Should Choose A Louisiana Lawyer

Simply stated: Louisiana law is unique.

In Louisiana, we have a civil code. Our civil code dates back several centuries to what is called the Napoleonic Code. It’s been changed somewhat over the years, but in essence, it’s still the same Code that was written during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

No other state, not Texas, not New York, not Mississippi, has the Civil Code or the Civilian Legal System. To practice law in Louisiana courtrooms you must study our unique system of law and pass a comprehensive exam in order to be admitted to the Louisiana Bar.

Not only is our civil code system of law unique but so also is how the law is applied to asbestos victims. The Louisiana Supreme Court has said that in prosecuting asbestos cases you apply the law that was in effect at the time that the victims were exposed to asbestos. That is a critical difference from other states and requires a special knowledge of the history of Louisiana asbestos litigation.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma choose your lawyer carefully. Choose a Louisiana lawyer with experience prosecuting mesotheliomas cases in Louisiana Courtrooms.

Attorney Jody Edward Anderman

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