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Television Advertising: What You Should And Shouldn’t Believe

You see them quite often. Television ads about mesothelioma which basically say that if you, or a loved one have been diagnosed with the disease you could be entitled to financial compensation. The ads urge you to call an 800 number.

Any lawyer can pay for and run a television ad trying to get mesothelioma cases but not every lawyer can prosecute and handle a mesothelioma case. In fact, most of the TV Lawyers that you see advertising for mesothelioma cases do not even handle the case themselves. They refer the case out to another trial lawyer, often from another part of the country, to handle and prosecute the case in court.

What that means is the law firm you’re calling probably won’t be the law firm or lawyer that handles your case, and worse yet, they may not even have a background in prosecuting mesothelioma cases in American courtrooms. It also means that the lawyer that is hired to prosecute your case is sharing the fees with the lawyer that runs the ad and that could mean less money for you and your family.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma choose your lawyer carefully. Don’t be misled by television advertising. Choose a lawyer and a law firm that has experience handling mesothelioma cases and a track record of success.

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